Columbia Women's Rowing is seeking athletes to join our 2017-18 squad! No experience necessary.

Walk On Information Meeting, Wednesday, Sept 6th 7:00pm, in the Dodge fitness center.

If you are a current Columbia or Barnard undergrad interested in walking-on,
this site is for you!

If you are a junior rower hoping to be recruited,
please visit and complete our online questionnaire.

We are a fully-funded varsity team with athletes from around the country and world. The Columbia-Barnard consortium allows Barnard students to participate and compete as Columbia Lions, making Barnard the only women’s college with Division I student-athletes. Keep reading for Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need experience?

No! Every year, novices begin rowing in college having never touched an oar or erg before. You will learn the fundamentals- boat-handling, the stroke, and training principles— with an enthusiastic group of women who are also starting from scratch.

What makes a good rower?

We are looking for athletic, hard-working, and competitive women. Many successful rowers are tall, but our team consists of athletes of varying sizes. We also need coxswains: people with the above qualities but smaller and weighing around 110 lbs. Coxswains are vital team players in charge of steering, race strategy, and practice execution.

When is the rowing season?

The season begins in September, shortly after classes start. Novices spend the fall building endurance, learning technique on the water and the ergs, and preparing to race. In the spring, the team trains in Florida twice before racing in Princeton, Clemson, Boston, and more.

Why try-out for rowing?
  • Learn a new skill. Get physically and mentally stronger.
  • Join a family of active, motivated women.
  • Experience a historic sport on the Harlem River.
  • Represent Columbia-Barnard in the toughest conference in the nation.
  • Challenge yourself and compete!

"Columbia Women's Rowing captures what Barnard is all about - owning your strength and resilience as a woman, committing to something you deeply believe in. Being a member of this team has allowed me to develop a much greater sense of self-worth and purpose than I would have without rowing in my life." -Lilly Mudge, BC '16

Want more info?

Contact Coach Warren at, or use the form below.

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